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VANS CHEMISTRY strongly intends to transforming hazardous and toxic waste into environmentally safe, build greener environment so as to preserve our natural resources and protect planet to our next generation.

The waste from the industrial activity such as Shredding, Plating, Recycling, Recovery, Refining etc., contains complex chemistry of elements and compounds which are toxic to air, water and soil. These pollutants have to be treated and neutralized before releasing to the respective environment.

We provides comprehensive customized technical solution for the treatment of effluents generating from waste management industries. Our technology and treatment processes shall comply and perform much better than the standards set by both local and international guidelines.

WASTE water treatment

We provide complete solution using latest technology includes
  • Integrated Wastewater treatment system
  • Chemical fumes scrubber system
  • Cyanide neutralization system
  • Dust particulate treatment system
  • TDS treatment system

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