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One of the most important aspects of any business is the proper collection and preparation of representative samples. Sampling is fundamental to any business. Samples should be collected and analyzed by qualified individuals using the appropriate equipment and procedures.

The sampling has done for three important factors,
1. Legal Requirements/ Compliance
2. Process Monitoring and Control
3. Historical Data Collection

We can help you with every aspect of your Process and Environmental responsibilities, including:


We provide a range of highly specialized ambient and indoor air sampling – in the field or at one of our specialist laboratories.


We offer a variety of environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling and geotechnical services.


We conduct independent sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, process water, wastewater and much more.


We can help you assess, monitor, reduce and manage your waste products.

Climate change:

From testing for micro-pollutants to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emissions regulations, we help you understand and optimize your relationship with the environment and comply with environmental standards.


We offer an advanced and methodological techniques and instruments for any kind of and any form of EEE-Resource samples. The instruments shall help to prepare and analyze the samples in all the stages such as feed, intermediate and end product of the processing cycle.

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