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VANS CHEMISTRY's unique advanced technology in Jewelry scrap management ensures optimum recovery of all kinds of Precious metals from the jeweler scrap.

We always recommend most comprehensive, sophisticated and economical processing steps, thus ensuring optimum efficiency in precious metal recovery.

precious metal recovery

  • Jewelry Scrap
  • Sweeps
    Jewelry Sweeps are defined as dry and fine precious metal particles generated during wiping and grinding of precious metals and jewels.
  • Plating Residue
    Disposal of spent solution is very expensive and difficult. The waste generated by the processes typically contains precious metals and base metals in various forms and concentrations.

We introduce portable, cost-effective design and technology for the recovery and refining of precious and other base metals in an economical, efficient and environmental friendly manner. We realized that traditional and conventional way of recovery and refining is no longer valid in the current market due to lacks in efficiency, hazardous process and environmental damage.

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