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Any training and development program must contain inputs which enable participants gain skills, learn theoretical concepts and help acquire vision to look into distant future. In addition, there is need for ethical orientation, emphasizing attitudinal changes and stressing decision making and problem solving abilities.

Training and development program helps remove performance deficiencies, process disturbance and technological weakness of the EEE-Resource business

There is greater stability in performance, better efficiency in process and best solutions for technological problems for growth in an organization. Training contributes to business / employee stability in many ways, that

  • Business & Employees become efficient after undergoing training
  • Efficient business / employees contribute to the growth of the society / organization
  • Growth renders stability to the workforce, Growth indicates prosperity
  • Training makes the business / employees versatile in performance / operations

VANS CHEMISTRY wish to share our experience in precious metals, EEE-Resource management and environmental protection. We believe, “knowledge is the power”. Our training and knowledge center is the platform towards sustainable solution for resource and environmental management.

We provide training to all key stake holders enhance their awareness on indoor pollution and recycling of house hold electronics. Our training objective is to create greater understanding of EEE-Scrap chemistry, metallurgical values and environmental benefits by professional way of recycling. Ultimately all the key stake holders are responsible and accountable to have a sustainable environment through preserving natural resources and allowing the better planet for our future generation.

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